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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Andrew Gregson from You & I magazine

We are here because of all of the letters to editor asking for an interview with the English-Thai man, 14 years old , Andrew Gregson.  He is the center of many girls' attention and currently also have a gay rumor involving him with Moad.  Well, he simply wanted to have a buddy who can help guide him in this entertainment business.
Since you asked, how could he refuse?   We'll start off about the conversation with him about his family,


Andrew: I have a brother.  I'm the youngest.  I'd like to have a younger sibling myself.  Now, I have one.  That person is studying at B.B.C   When we started talking, I felt that that person ought to be my younger one.
You & I: That fast! Is that person a girl or a boy?
Andrew: A girl.  I saw her at I.C.E Ramkhamhaeng.  I used to going there a lot.
I live with my mom.  Mom and dad separated since I was in third or fourth Grade.  I knew and remembered it.  After my dad left, I didn't hear about him again.  My dad is a handsome guy, but have ugly children (laughing).  I don't think having separated parents is a big deal.  I still have a dad, but he is just not with me.  I never miss anything though.
Being with my mom, I have been given a lot.  She is worried about me all the time.  Her love replaces the love from dad.  I'm only sorry about the fact that dad mistreated my mom.
You & I: (at this point, Andrew starts to be emotional)
Andrew: I feel bad for my mom.  She had to raise two of us by herself.  She teaches.  She can speak, German and English and Thai.    She worked and lived abroad.  She would come back every 5 months.  But since I got in this business, she is worried and come back to live here longer.
I'm happy that she trusts me to a certain level.  I sometimes disappointed her.  I promised that I would not come home late, but I didn't keep the promise.  She would be mad.  This is a small matter.  Sometimes it's bigger issue, I caused her to tear up.  I felt very bad.  It's the guilt I can never erase from my mind.
I had a quarrel with my brother often.  Normally it was nonsense.  I had to live with him.
You & I: Your brother looks younger than you.
Andrew: I don't know.  You will have to judge whether he's more handsome, smart.  He is sociable, handsome, smart, good student, never had a girl.   I'm not sociable, not good in school, not cute and have a girlfriend. 
Actually we were friends.  Our parent didn't want any girlfriend to be distracting me.
While mom in Germany, everything financially was taken care by my brother.  Now, I'm able to start taking care of that side on my own.  She feels more relieved physically, but she is still worried.
I would like to let her know that she should open her mind and see what would happen.  She cannot judge me on a few occasions and she should not believe other people's words fully.  She needs to listen to me first.  Sometimes, her worries blinded her and I got the hardest cases against me.  I'm not happy that I worries her.
I'd like her to let me know what she wants, I would do it for her.
I have not been with my mom a lot lately.   I would be with her while I am sleeping or just got out of bed.  Especially, this summer, I've been home only 3-4 days.  It wasn't work, but I was just hanging out with friends.  Normally, people would watch TV when they are home.  But I don't like watching TV.  I like listening to music and right now my music player is broken, so I was bored and wanted to come out, but never stay late unless there's important business.  I normally go back home around 3-4 PM.  Right now, I get home around 9-10PM because of the acting class.   And she understands that.
I usually don't argue with my mom, but will argue with myself.  Sometimes, what she said is an overreaction and it's a result of her being worried too much.  

Love.. Friends:

Andrew: I have elementary friends from Kantabood school.  I rarely meet them now.  These friends were the best.  They understood me and we were together for 6 years.  This school, we didn't change class so we were able to stick together for the whole time.
I had arguments with them sometimes.  But the more we argued, the more we loved each other.  If we had a fight, teacher would have the other side fight back and then both would be punished and both would become friends again.  I once got into a situation.  I kicked a friend and I knew I was wrong.
Regarding friends at PathumKongka, they are good friends as well.  They are nice to me in every aspect.  Like studying, if I'm not able to do anything they will let me copy (laughing).  They tutor me.  Lately, I was sleeping in classes sometimes.  They would tutor me and if we had issues, they would protect me or helped me. 
Regarding schoolwork, I'm in status quo, not better nor worse.  More emphasis on not better.  I'm in the middle, but I might get worse if I don't pay attention because it's getting harder.
Regardomg fun stuff at school, boy school always has fun stuff.  Before, some friends who are a little girly, they like to walk like girls.  We would tease them by touching their bottoms.  They would then said some profanity back.  It was fun.  They would like wearing tights to school.  I couldn't resist so I squeezed  it.  He would cry.
We have been friends for a few years now.  Some of them came from another class from Kantabood.  When I got to school in the morning, I would go in the class and start sweating.  I was afraid of something and shy.  What if there was only me. 
When I was younger, I looked like an indian.  People would ask, "were you a halfie, English-Thai I thought you were indian".   When I was a little older, 4th Grade, my hair started to curl.  People teased but I didn't think of it too much because it was obviously a point for people to tease.
I was pretty tall and my hair color is red/brown.  So, that didn't help (laughing)
Kids at PathomKongka are not bad at all.  We love each other.  Our motto is "we study but if we are hurted, we will hurt them back." 
We love football, I made it to the team, but they happened to stop the program.  I don't have time to play football now.
Regarding my impression about the friends there, not a lot.  When we are together, we love each other more.  I am happy and am attached to friends, but I do not follow them everywhere.  We discuss and follow each other.


My fist love is my mom.  She was still young then (lauging)
I had my first love while I was in Junior High, Mor 2, session 1 during the science fair Aug 18-24.  Schools from all over the country will converge at PathomKongka to have science activities and camp.  That day was Thursday Aug 22, I was at her school, Sai Nam Paung,  I was so excited.  I was with 7-8 friends. The school is girl school, think about it.  I never had to be in such school.  So, we followed one another.  At some point, there was a girl approaching us.  She walked over; I didn't know her and she asked for a phone number.  I didn't know what she meant then.  I didn't know what she was going to use the number for at the time.  Oh, you were going to call me. 
I didn't know what my mom was going to think, but I didn't think of that at the time either.  I never gave my number to any girls. 
Later, she called and said she called because a friend of her was interested in me but she was extremely shy.  While talking, my voice was probably shaking a little too.  After that, I got another call, in fact we didn't get very far in the conversation.  I said I was going to call her the following week.  So, I asked for the number and then I forgot to ask for the name.  (laughing..)   I totally didn't know what to do.
So, that was my first.  If I saw her first, I would have started first.  But I didn't see her first.  When we talked, I still was not sure who she was.  But one day we had a group date, and I got to see her.  Perfect, cute, my specs.   We were both not talkative.  But she was the one for me.  We dated for almost a year.
The second time was not real.  From her actions, she was not very truthful to me.  We dated for less than 2 months.
I usually like nice girls.  She doesn't have to be a lady.  I'd like to have the overall nice feel, not boyish, not  materialistic/too fashionable but not too old-fashioned either.  The appearance is not so important to me. 
You & I: Have you met anybody like this?
Andrew: Yes, I have while I was on a bus and she was in a car.  I sometimes ran after her, but then she disappeared (laughing..)
I have met a girl who looked at me from top to bottom like I was a fungi of some kind or contract HIV positive.  I have a bad habit of dressing down.  As soon as I got into this business, I lost my privacy.  Right now, I'd like to be a normal person who nobody knows so I can start having a normal girlfriend and be free.  But now, everybody knows me, every move is being captured.
Regarding my own family in the future, I'd like to have a loving/non-problematic family.  I'm truthful and would like to have the same back in my relationship (he's flirting through his eyes).  I'm talking about any friendships, boy or girl.  I don't date gays though.  I don't mind them, but they are not my type.
Regarding gays, I disliked gays at first, but now I don't mind them at all.  I'm used to them and have accepted who they are. 
You & I: How about the rumor about you dating gay Moad ?
Andrew: I'm not sure how the rumor was established.  It certainly has no ground.  Think about it, what if I was not famous, I would be able to go with whomever without making news.  Now, I cannot go with anybody at all.     Another thing, if you see anybody ugly, not fashionable with shaggy clothes, walking around, that's me.
You &I: It doesn't matter how you dress, you would still look gorgeous.